Gateway Experience® Wave VII - Voyager

78,71 $

Gateway Experience® Wave VII – Voyager

78,71 $


A Journey to Focus™ 27

Learn to be of service to self and others. Journey to Focus 21 and on to states of awareness associated with the afterlife state, Focus 23 through Focus 27. From these levels contact is made with individuals who have died physically but remain “static” — unable to detach completely from the earth energy systems. One objective is to guide these individuals beyond the earth experience to a “reception center” where they can rest, review their life experiences, and consider their next evolutionary steps. You will also have the opportunity to connect with loved ones, and send/receive messages. Three CDs, six verbally guided exercises. Guidance manual included. (This album is based on the Monroe Institute’s Lifeline® program.)

Explore Total Self – gain a better understanding of your total self
Intro to Focus 23 – you are guided to the transitional reality of those who have just completed a physical life
Intro to Focus 25 – you will be guided to the belief system territories
Intro to Focus 27 – you are introduced to the reception center between physical lives
Retrieval – you will learn how to assist those in Focus 23
Messages From Beyond – as you return to Focus 27, opportunities exist to send and receive messages

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