Gateway Experience® Wave III - Freedom

78,71 $

Gateway Experience® Wave III – Freedom

78,71 $


GE045DL-1 GE3 Freedom 1 Lift Off (DR)
GE045DL-2 GE3 Freedom 2 Remote Viewing (DR)
GE045DL-3 GE3 Freedom 3 Vectors (DR)
GE045DL-4 GE3 Freedom 4 Five Questions (DR)
GE045DL-5 GE3 Freedom 5 Energy Food (DR)
GE045DL-6 GE3 Freedom 6 First Stage Separation (DR)

Learn tools and techniques to have conscious control of the energy system that is you. Enjoy Focus 10 and Focus 12 exercises developed specifically to make the methods for perceiving and controlling your non-physical energy a comfortable and joyous experience. Voiced by Bob Monroe. Includes a Guidance Manual and the following six exercises:

Lift Off – achieve ease with nonphysical experience
Remote Viewing – tools for distant perception
Vectors – reference points for easy movement
Five Questions – answers from your total self
Energy Food – absorb nonphysical energy
First Stage Separation – explore nonphysical consciousness

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